Kitchen Appliances You Never Knew You Needed

Every kitchen is the heart of every home. Without it, a home is just a place where people sleep. A home becomes just a building with four walls and roof without a kitchen. A kitchen is incomplete without the proper appliances. Think about it. What good is the kitchen place if it doesn’t have a hot plate or an oven or Egg Cooker? In this article, the focus will be on some appliances that are not given their due. They may seem superfluous, but believe that once they are begun to put to use, they will become indispensable.

  • A Tea Kettle – The Electric One

A whole appliance just to boil water? Who has that much of space? These are the first two thought crossing the minds of most readers, right about now. But for a home that has tea drinkers in it, an electric kettle is essential. It is vital. Teapots that can be left on the stove may be all-the-rave with their designer looks, but only an electronic pot gives you peace of mind. Why is that? Because they have an auto switch-off. Instead of standing in front of the stove every hour waiting for the water to boil, electric kettles give the user freedom.

  • A Coffee Grinder – The Used One

A coffee grinder can grind anything. That is the wonder of them. For homes that use a lot of spices, a used coffee grinder can be used in N number of ways. Instead of wasting money on spice blends, buy a used coffee grinder and make your own chili powder or barbecue rubs. A quick method is to dry out the spices in the oven. Crumble the brittle spices and then grind them. One can even store these spices in bottles for later use. Chipotles, anchos, guajillos, etc. one can crush any kind of spice in them. Just ensure that you don’t use the same grinder for coffee and spices.

  • A Bread Machine

This is one appliance that stops people mid-stride. But trust us, once you have had homemade bread, you will never go back. The benefit of a bread machine is not that it bakes, but that it raises one flawlessly. For home-bakers, it is a common point of contingency that the dough never rises as much as they want. A bread machine has the unique ability to warm the ingredients and then mix them. It even keeps the temperature at apt hundred degrees while the yeast works. This quality is what makes a bread machine indispensable.

  • An Egg Cooker – Again, The Electric One

It is portable. It is mess free. It is accurate. From perfectly hard-boiled eggs to super soft-boiled ones, an electric egg cooker does it all. The worry of hit and miss is taken away with this kitchen gadget. It is simple to use, too. Just put in a measured amount of water as per the eggs you need and switch it on. When the water evaporates completely, cooker switches off. The appliance even comes with its own measuring container.